G-Coin customers with Tier 3 access can use cash to buy or sell G-Coin tokens at participating MoneyGram locations. To verify if you are a Tier 3 customer, go to 'Increase Limits' on the main menu of the G-Coin app. Customers can request Tier 3 access for which a government issued ID will be required.

To place a buy or sell order using cash, Tier 3 customers need to select the 'MoneyGram' option from 'Pay With' that appears on the buy/sell screen. Once the order is placed, customers will receive an email with detailed instructions to follow at participating MoneyGram locations.

For buy orders, customers will have 24 hours to make the payment in cash, which is when the balance on the G-Coin wallet is updated. Buy orders expire after 24 hours so customers will need to place a new order after that time.

For sell orders, customers are responsible for collecting the proceeds of the sale in cash at participating MoneyGram locations. The G-Coin balance will be updated when the sell order has been placed, which is irreversible.

Watch the video showing the step by step to use cash to buy or sell G-Coin tokens.

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